We provide testing, visibility, security and integrated surveillance solutions and applications and invest our effort in identifying and understanding our customers needs in order to match them with the appropriate solutions and products to guarantee success for their testing, security and surveillance objectives.


Testing and measuring plays an important role in making final decisions. Whether you are designing or performing network quality control on electronic components or a life network, the result will provide you with a realistic overview that will assist you in any decision making.


Our Surveillance business is focused in providing turn-key solutions in the areas of video surveillance and access control. With extensive experience in deployment of mid to large systems we guarantee best in class product selection, deployment and implementation , project management and support of surveillance systems.


Providing visibility and security solutions for your IT network deployment and maintenance in order to guarantee network application security, reliability and performance. We can assist in solving security problems related to virtualization, mobility, IoT and other network architectural related problems.


Get the latest deals and promotions on new and refurbished test equipment and surveillance equipment.




Laboratory Assurance Testing:

Does your electronic circuitry design meet all of the necessary design criteria? Are your network devices capable of handling increase application traffic load in the near future? Our comprehensive lab test solutions will ensure that you will have real-time visibility of the performance on any your test objectives.

Network Assurance Testing:

Our comprehensive network test solutions are designed to cover all your network testing objectives. It does not matter if you require testing of physical/virtual environments, network performance, network security or a better organization of your network to improve your network visibility. We will work with you to guarantee that all of your network challenges are covered and ready for future challenges.

Surveillance Integration:

Petrochemical industry, hospitality, residential communities and enterprises include some of the segments that we are able to assist with the design, integration and implementation of solar powered wireless surveillance solutions. From project design, integration to implementation of all solar powered wireless, conventional surveillance systems and access control systems - we can help our customers find the right fit.

Professional Services:

Our Service Team consists of professionals that provide you with Network Security Assessment, WiFi Assessment, Network Assessment, Data Center Assessment Services and more.


Q-Wire Technologies is able to maintain its leading position as a technology supplier to the Test & Measurement and IP Surveillance through meticulous selection and development of partnership with the following suppliers: